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Hive For Wax and CBD Oil

Features: 2 in 1 Mod For both Wax & CBD, Magnetic Atomizers, competitive to all CBD Tank, 650mah battery, quartz coil, ceramic coil. Battery Window, USB charging....

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Hive For Wax & CBD Oil


Best Items Yocan Hive magnetic connection wax atomizer tank and glass cbd tank


image003(001).jpg For concentrate and juice

The Concentrate atomizer is with the quartz coil, which provide with the purest experience and guarantee a crystal clean essence.

The juice atomizer is a top fill unit with No-leakage design. Provide premium method for vaporizing your favorite juice.


Compact and Portable

Hive is a small box mod 70cm* 28.4cm palm hold and easy to take and vape on the go.


The device needs to be charged if it flashes the red light 10 times.


Colors for your lifestyle.



Features of Yocan Hive 

1) CBD atomizer is a top fill unit with No-leakage design.

2) wax atomizer with quartz coil.

3) discreet All-In-One device that was made for wax&CBD oils.

4) By window, you can see battery level more clearly.

5)Micro USB charging port, easy and convenient to get charged. 

6) contains everything you need to get right into vaping 


1.Is it difficult to use a vaporizer?

Generally not, but this depends on the type of vaporizer. For some models emptying and refilling the herb chamber or cleaning the vaporizer might be a bit bothersome. One must always be careful, as the heating element and the filling chamber can get very (very!) hot.


First of all a vaporizers doesn’t produce smoke so they don’t need a water filter to get rid of tars and toxic gasses, making them a healthier choice. The herb in a bong or water pipe is typically burnt and the smoke is filtered through water before you inhale it but even after filtering through water you’re still inhaling toxins.

3.Are there any known side effects?

Currently, there are no documented instances of health-related side effects from reasonable amounts vaping. However, some individuals have reported experiencing allergic reactions to specific herbs they have used. Because it is only now beginning to gain popularity, it will take some time before enough information has been gathered to accurately assess what the long-term effects are. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently looking into the industry as a whole.

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