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Juul Pods 5% Nicotine Salt

Juul Pods 5% Nicotine Salt

Juul Compatible PODS, USA ejuice, no leaking,0.7ml and 1.0ml available, Cotton coil for ejuice and Ceramic coil for CBD...

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 OEM&ODM Factory Wholesale no leak Cotton/Ceramic Coil 100% Compatible Pods for juul 

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MEWEVAPE 1 Year Guarantee 

* Juul Compatible Pods   
* 4pcs/pack, one flavor in one pack or 4 flavors in one pack available
* Coil Resistance: 1.5 ohm                                                            
*Cotton Coil: 0.7ml/1.0ml capacity   
*Ceramic coil: 0.7ml capacity (for CBD Oil)  

* It is completely compatible to Juul products.

* Both empty pods and prefilled pods are available

* 0.7ml and 1.0ml available 

*CBD ceramic coil available, also compatible to Juul Battery

* Many colors mouthpieces are available, OEM is also welcome

*Both Cotten coil and ceramic coil are no leaking

* USA ejuice, flaovrs are as below

1. Mint                        2. Green Apple          3 Bluebarry           

4.Strabarry                  5. Peach                   6. Pineapple

7. Mango Ice               8. Watermelon Ice    9. Raspberry       

10. Orange Heaven   11. Tobacoo              12.OEM is welcome

nicotin salt  5%  ,  Pg/Vg Ratio is 60/40

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What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device which heats up dried herbs to a temperature at which they release their (medically) active components into an aromatic vapor. This vapor doesnt contain any of the toxic elements found in smoke. To read more about this, read What is a vaporizer?


Whats the difference between a vaporizer and a bong or water pipe?

In a bong the herb (usually cannabis) is burnt, which then gives off smoke. The smoke is then filtered somewhat by passing through water before it is inhaled. But even after passing through the water, its still smoke, filled with tars and toxic gasses. A vaporizer doesnt really need a water filter, as it doesnt produce smoke in the first place. Filtering either smoke or vapor with cold water may not be such a good idea anyway, for as the MAPS/NORML study showed, the water will also filter out the active components of the herb (like THC), requiring one to smoke or vaporize more.



Can vaping help quit smoking?

Keep in mind, however, that vaporizers and e-cigarettes have yet to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration! Because of this, there has yet to be any "finalized" information related to how these products help individuals curb their smoking habits!

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