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Hottest Juul Compatible Pods

Hottest Juul Compatible Pods

Juul Compatible PODS, USA ejuice, no leaking,0.7ml and 1.0ml available...

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Hottest Juul Pods-1 Year Qualtiy Guarantee Pods


* Juul Compatible Pods   
* 4pcs/pack, both one flavor in one pack or 4 flavors in pack available
*1.5 ohm                                                            
*Cotton Coil: 0.7ml/1.0ml capacity   
*Ceramic coil: 0.7ml capacity (for CBD Oil)  

* It is completely compatible with Jool products.

* Closed system

* No leaking!

* Both empty pods and prefilled pods are available

* 0.7ml and 1.0ml available 

* Many colors mouthpieces are available

* USA ejuice

1. Mint                 2. Green Apple  

3 Bluebarry           4.Strabarry

5. Peach              6. Pineapple

7. Ice Mango       8. Ice Watermelon

9. Raspberry       10. Caterpillar 

nicotin salt  5%  ,  Pg/Vg Ratio is 60/40







1.Can vaping help quit smoking?

Although there's no concrete answer to this question, some studies have shown that vaping with e-liquids containing nicotine levels comparable to traditional cigarettes may help you calm your cravings. A study conducted by Krlikoba E., et al, revealed that smokers who switched to e-cigs were 60% more likely to quit smoking. If you're new to vaping and are looking to cut down smoking, it's better to first try with electronic cigarettes. Due to the fact that these products closely resemble traditional cigarettes, they may offer some psychological comfort for those who are going through the symptoms of withdrawal.



2.Does it smell when vaping?

Depending on the device of course, most e-cigs and vaporizers release a very faint odor that can often be compared to slightly burned popcorn. So odor is much less prominent than traditional cigarettes.



3. Is it legal to possess a vaporizer?

In most countries vaporizers are legal to possess, though vendors may have to limit themselves to advertising vaporizers as devices to vaporize only tobacco and aromatherapeutic herbs like chamomile.


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