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Nicotin Salt Juul Compatible Pods

Nicotin Salt Juul Compatible Pods

Juul Compatible PODS, USA ejuice, no leaking,0.7ml and 1.0ml available...

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MEWEVAPE 1 Year Guarantee


* No leaking!* It is completely compatible with Juul products.

* Both empty pods and prefilled pods are available

* 0.7ml and 1.0ml available

* Many colors mouthpieces are available, OEM is also welcome

* USA ejuice

1. Mint

2. Green Apple

3 Bluebarry


5. Peach

6. Pineapple

7. Mango Ice

8. Watermelon Ice

9. Raspberry

10. Orange Heaven

11. Tobacoo

12.OEM is welcome


nicotin salt 5% , Pg/Vg Ratio is 60/40


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How big do you want your device to be?

Some devices and mods can be rather large. Do you want something that easily fits in your hand? Would you sacrifice comfort for power? APVs tend to be larger but they offer more features for you to truly customize your experience.

These larger APVs also come with rechargeable, removable batteries that last longer in between charging cycles. This makes vaping more convenient as you can have extra batteries charging while you are using your current ones. Once the ones in use are drained, you can replace them with the fully charged ones and charge the drained ones, repeating that cycle over and over for a seamless experience.

You also must ask yourself what type of features you are after. Do you just want something basic that you can take draws from here and there throughout the day, or something a bit more powerful?




Where can I use an electronic cigarette?

The laws regarding where e-cigarettes can be legally used vary from place to place. Typically, if you can legally smoke in an area, you can also vape there. In some places, smoking bans may also include electronic cigarettes, while in others you’re free to vape anywhere unless a private business posts signage telling you not to vape.



How old do I have to be to vape?

The legal age to purchase electronic cigarettes, e juice, and accessories is 19 in most states and in Canada, but is changing to 21. In New York, the legal age is 21 years old or older. Please make sure to check your local laws, to make sure you comply with them.


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