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Mango Juul Pods Compatible

Mango Juul Pods Compatible

Juul Compatible PODS, USA ejuice, no leaking,5% nicoltine, 0.7ml and 1.0ml available, Cotton coil for ejuice and Ceramic coil for CBD...

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 Mango juul pods Compatible 

mango juul pods

juul covers





juul replacement Compatible Pods from MEWEVAPE


* Both empty pods and prefilled pods are available

* No leaking, quality guarantee from MEWEVAPE!

*CBD ceramic coil available, also compatible to Juul Battery

* All the ejuice are all USA ejuice, and we can refill the oil from you. 


Our hot selling flavors are as below:

1. Mint  2. Green Apple 3. Blueberry

4. Strawberry  5. peach 6. Pinapple

7. Mango Ice 8. Raspberry 9.Orange

Nicotin Salt 5%, PG/VG 60/40 



juul charger amazon




juul mango pods


box packing, one pack, 4pods inside. OEM is welcome!


mango tea

unsweetened iced tea















Can you build your own vaporizer?


Yes. You can learn how to make a vaporizer with some online research and DIY spirit. Vaporizer designs vary greatly from model to model. A homemade vaporizer can be soldering iron or light bulb based. Vaporizer plans can be obtained from online forums. Should you choose to make your own home made vaporizer, please be safe. Also, bear in mind that any homemade vaporizer (unless you are an electical engineering genius) will almost certainly be inferior to the models that we sell on our website and you should by no means judge vaporization based soley on experience with a home-made vaporizer. Home-made vaporizers are more likely to burn the plant material than vaporize it.









Which e-cigarette would fit me best? (Considering the various battery options)

We recommend selecting e-cigarettes according to their battery power.An occasional smoker would find Delta Slim, Ambassador or a single-use e-cigarette suitable. People who smoke one pack per day should select an e-cigarette kit which includes two batteries, e.g. Sigma 900, or e-cigarettes with new ceramic coils like Eta (with 1100 or 2200 mAh batteries) or Xi. Heavier smokers should opt for kits which include 2200 mAh batters and atomizers with larger ceramic coils.














 Is the MEWEVAPE E-Cig regulated?


Yes! From 2016 there are 2 ways in which electronic cigarettes can be regulated. They can be regulated as tobacco products under the EC Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), all MEWEVAPE products are TPD compliant.


Sales of electronic cigarettes are covered by the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) and general consumer protection laws. The MEWEVAPE E-Cig is regulated by several government bodies including CHIP, COSHH, NMO and Trading Standards. Products are inspected, tested and analysed for possible toxicity and dangerous contaminants. E-cigarettes are regulated in the UK.


The MEWEVAPE E-Cig is not regulated as a medicine because the device is not a pharmaceutical product and therefore cannot be regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Caffeine is another example of a product and drug that does not require to be regulated as a medicine.What ingredients are in e-liquids?




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