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Empty Vape Cartridge POD

Features: Juul competitive, empty cartridges. 4pcs/pack....

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 Empty Vape Cartridge POD


New Arrival 5 Flavors clone Vaping E cig Mango vape atomizer pen Pods No Leak Version Vaporizer pen cartridge pods


Plastic bag packing or we can pack as you need.


Different colors for different  flavor


All empty, not filled. You should fill them after you received  them.


There are 5 colors flavor for your choice.


1.Is the cost of Vaping less than traditional smoking products? 

The answer is generally yes, however, The amount saved highly depends on what satisfies you and what style vaping device you have. There are some breakdowns in a blog we wrote that you can be found here; Vaping cost Vs. Cigarette cost which can be helpful for you.

2.Does CBD interact with other medications?

Yes. CBD inhibits the cytochrome P450 enzyme, which is involved in metabolizing many drugs. Compounds in grapefruit inhibit the same enzyme group, which is why physicians advice patients not to eat grapefruit shortly before or after taking a medication. By inhibiting cytochrome P450, CBD can either reduce or increase the effects of other drugs. In some situations, it may be advisable for a physician to monitor a patient’s blood levels of other medications while taking CBD.

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