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Electronic cigarette working principle
May 25, 2018

The electronic cigarette is controlled by the high-tech silicon chip and airflow sensor to control the output and working status of the smoke. The nicotine is atomized, and the solution containing nicotine and flavor is atomized into particles, which are absorbed by the lungs and emit simulated smoke. It does not contain tar and other harmful components in cigarettes, nor does it generate secondhand smoke and does not permeate or linger in confined spaces; while traditional cigarettes ignite and burn with tobacco leaves or tobacco, and endanger both smokers and non-smokers. health.

When inhaling, a high-speed airflow is formed in the sensor, and the airflow sensor senses the inhalation of the human mouth, thereby triggering the airflow sensing switch, so that the airflow sensing switch is turned on and the product starts to enter the working state. The central processing unit controls the execution unit to work through calculations and measurements. The atomizer is controlled by the central control unit and achieves different degrees of atomization according to the degree of suction in the mouth. The atomizer is composed of a high-frequency oscillation circuit and an electric heating wire. In the atomizer, the high-purity liquid electronic cigarette is pressurized by an ultrafine atomization pump and enters the atomization chamber, and is atomized in the vibration field of the high-frequency ultrasonic wave to be 0.5 atomized. - About 1.5um of mist, and then with the inhaled air flow dispersed into aerosol form, and then to form a vapor of simulated smoke, appearance is similar to smoke, the actual is fog. The critical atomization condition is to reduce the surface tension of the liquid to the most easily atomized form by heating, and the simulated smoke also simulates the temperature of ordinary flue gas (50-60 degrees Celsius).

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