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The main drawback of electronic cigarette
May 25, 2018

1, because the electronic cigarette does not burn, is not real tobacco, taste can not be the same as cigarettes.

2. The current market chaos in the electronic cigarette industry, especially the Taobao market, is flooded with counterfeit products, and even some of the best-selling products do not have the corresponding qualifications of the manufacturers.

3. E-cigarettes currently lack effective supervision, leading to uncertain prospects.

4, e-cigarettes also have more obvious exaggeration of propaganda, for example, many people promote electronic cigarettes have the effect of clear lung poisoning. This is completely illegal propaganda. Electronic cigarettes are not even drugs, and they are not clear about lung poisoning. And science has also proved that electronic cigarettes do not have any clear lung poisoning function. Electronic cigarettes now only specifically replace cigarettes and aid smoking cessation.

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