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American Luxury Goods Croce, With Annual Sales Exceeding 15 Billion, Officially Entered The Electronic Cigarette Industry
Dec 13, 2018

December 9, 2018 l American APOLLO Apollo electronic cigarette and the world's largest silver jewelry brand Chrome Hearts Crowe heart held a signing conference at the Dameisha Bay Yacht Club.

 American APOLLO e-cigarette and luxury silverware Croce Heart Chrome Hearts cooperate to create IP models.


      Chrome Hearts is the famous Hollywood luxury clothing silver brand, founded in 1988 by Richard Stark. The design style combines low-key design styles such as rock, gothic and punk, cross flower, dagger, and lily flower. The religious spirit with medieval art creates a unique and fascinating beauty under the graceful curves and blackened shadows. It is also full of rock-and-roll silver, its strong original design has always been based on the silver brand throne, the global star is a fan of Chrome Hearts, with a steady turnover of 15 billion a year.

 APOLLO is known as "The Pride of California". Founded in 2008, it was founded in the Silicon Valley High-tech Park in San Francisco, USA. It is the earliest and most authoritative electronic cigarette oil factory in the United States. It ranks in the top three in Europe and is strong in Southeast Asia. Occupy the market, with branches in each capital city, it is the world's top three world-class US electronic cigarette oil factory.

APOLLO ONCE-X is different from the development time and design innovation of general electronic cigarettes. APOLLO ONCE-X "Chrome Hearts Limited Edition" is an independent project research and development group. The development time is nearly one year. Every e-cigarette is produced with the highest standard. The mouth is full of 500 pieces, and the workmanship is first-class. The most advanced and unprecedented electronic cigarette collection in the world.

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