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Back To Basics! Electronic Cigarette Comes Back To Help Quit Smokine!
Nov 02, 2018


With the development of e-cigarette technology, e-cigarettes returned to the original after more than a decade, and small-smoke products reappeared and quickly occupied most of the e-cigarette market, once again setting off a wave of cigarette replacement. Since the invention of e-cigarettes more than a decade ago, it has become an immature “smoking cessation product”. Today, it has a better taste and experience. E-cigarettes have also been selected as an auxiliary smoking cessation product by more and more smokers.


The question about whether e-cigarettes can quit smoking actually does not give a very accurate answer. After all, whether smoking cessation can be different from person to person and has a great connection with personal willpower. However, under the research of many medical research institutions, e-cigarettes can be used as a device to assist smoking cessation. The intake of nicotine by e-cigarette can completely achieve the effect of nicotine replacement therapy.


Whether e-cigarettes are harmful to health is also a concern of many smokers who want to contact e-cigarettes. Experiments prove that e-cigarettes are indeed much less harmful than cigarettes. The difference between the two can be seen only from the way smoke is produced. . In particular, the smoke generated by the electronic cigarette does not contain tar, and the damage to the user's lungs is much lower than that of paper smoke.


Therefore, judging from the current technical level of e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes can fully assist the effect of smoking cessation in terms of functionality, and the impact on health is much lower than that of cigarettes. So for many smokers who want to quit smoking, if you need a way to help quit smoking or want to change to a healthier way of nicotine intake, it would be a good choice to use an e-cigarette that suits you.

If you only choose to quit smoking or to understand e-cigarettes, then mouth-sucking e-cigarettes with high nicotine smoke will be the best choice. Mouth-sucking e-cigarettes can simulate the suction resistance of cigarettes, making it easier for users to accept e-cigarettes, and high-nicotine fumes can satisfy users' demand for nicotine. In order to be more convenient to carry, you can use e-cigarette instead of cigarettes at any time. The more portable and easy-to-use cigarette products are the first choice.


At present, most of the closed-type smokers are made of nicotine salt smoke oil, and the nicotine salt has higher stability and absorbability, allowing users to quickly take nicotine to achieve the effect of addiction. Of course, the user can also choose the oil-filled cigarette or the mouth-suction atomizer to match the nicotine salt or the high nicotine smoke oil, and the same effect can be achieved. If you want to get a taste similar to cigarette smoke, you can choose to heat the non-combustible product for use.


After more than a decade of development, the current e-cigarette is no longer the product of the old-fashioned e-cigarette that has no taste, no smoke and no addiction effect. In terms of the performance of today's small smoke products, the excellent taste and dispelling effect can really help users to help quit smoking or replace cigarettes. The extremely portable body and easy-to-use way will also make users more willing to carry e-cigarettes to help quit smoking.


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