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CBD Approach
May 25, 2018

In the construction of the CBD, the domestic generally adopts two approaches. One is to renovate and expand the original commercial districts of the city, such as Shenhe District in Shenyang; the other is to choose new sites, such as Shanghai’s Lujiazui and Chongqing. Jiangbeizui, Honggutan in Nanchang, and Zhengdong New District in Zhengzhou. Both methods have their merits, and as to which one they choose, they are mainly determined based on the input-output ratio in the local construction process. The Jiefangbei CBD in Chongqing, the Futian CBD in Shenzhen, the Tianhe CBD in Guangzhou, the Chaoyang CBD in Beijing, and the Lujiazui CBD in Shanghai have become very large.

CBD is an inevitable outcome of the development of cities under the conditions of market economy. On the one hand, it is an indispensable symbol of an international metropolis. On the other hand, many cities can build CBD on a large scale. The process of modernization and internationalization of our cities is gradually accelerating, and the economic strength of the city has been given a qualitative improvement. The urban construction and economic development have been stagnant.

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