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Chinese Famous Musician Pu Shu Appeared In The 'Amazing Life' TV Show With E-cigarettes In Hands
Dec 13, 2018

Some time ago, Pu Shu, who had been hiding in the entertainment circle, suddenly appeared in "The Adventures of Life" and made a trip to Cuba with the host.

Pu shu

     In this domestic first-class star documentary reality show, careful netizens will find that during the entire program, Park Shu often holds an e-cigarette in his hand, and occasionally put a few mouthfuls.

ecig musician

  When walking, take it in your hand, and take a few mouthfuls from time to time; when you are eating, put it in the nearest place; even when you shake hands with a new friend, the other hand still holds the electronic cigarette. In the interview, he also has to be in his hands; when discussing music, he is also tightly held in his hand.

Juul ecig

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