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E-cigarette Should Be A Medicine, Not A Drug
Oct 18, 2018

In 2013, Citibank analysts listed 10 technologies that could revolutionize the world in a research report, with e-cigarettes ranking second.


As an alternative to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are given a sacred historical mission - to allow more people to stay away from or reduce the dangers of smoking, and to benefit the health of smokers.

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In China, a large number of media do not know how to pay attention to it. They negate the products invented by their own country for negation, continue to discredit them, treat them as drugs, and even say "7 times more than cigarettes" so black and white, no scientific words!


In many countries abroad, especially in the UK, they take e-cigarettes as treasures.


British Independent Party leader Nigel Faraj took the lead in smoking e-cigarettes; British Prime Minister David Cameron publicly stated in his Q&A that he supported the development of e-cigarettes in the UK.

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British Prime Minister David Cameron said: "So I think we should make it clear that e-cigarettes can improve their health for many people and because they can improve the health of the entire country."


Improve the e-cigarette to "improve the health of the entire country" at a high level!


Why did British Prime Minister David Cameron do this? Very simple, because it is safe!


The British Ministry of Health sponsored public health to conduct a large-scale and comprehensive study on e-cigarettes. It released a research report that e-cigarettes were reduced by up to 95% compared with traditional cigarettes. They even included e-cigarettes in medical insurance and encouraged doctors to sell e-cigarettes to smokers.

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