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Evaluation Of Electronic Cigarettes By Six Famous Scientists In The World
Oct 18, 2018

1. Professor Peter Hayek

Position: Chairman of the Bartz Tobacco Dependent Investigation Unit, Chairman of the London School of Medical Dentistry, Professor of Queen Mary University, London, Clinical Psychologist and Director of the Wolfson Institute.

 smokeless e cig 

Professor Peter Hayek said: "Users using e-cigarettes under normal conditions will not reach the dangerous level of formaldehyde. E-cigarettes are safer than cigarettes, at least 95% safe. We encourage smokers to switch to e-cigarettes."

Second, Professor Linda Bald


Position: Director of the British Tobacco Centre and the Institute of Alcohol, Professor of Public Health and Director of the University of Whiting.


Professor Linda Bald said: "The e-cigarette has not yet been certified, but both the National Institutes of Health and the Clinical Optimization and Pharmaceutical Medical Management Association recognize that e-cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes. This is not a simple opinion, it is based on the conclusion of the research, which has also been supported by the British Tobacco Control Organization. But this does not mean that the e-cigarette has no risk, but it is relatively small. It means that the electronic cigarette will be more than It is safer to continue to smoke traditional cigarettes."


3. Professor Robert West


Position: Health Tobacco Policy Department and former NHS Smoking Cessation Service Consultant, Professor of Health Psychology, Director of Tobacco Research Institute


Professor Robert West said: "We have a huge opportunity to quit smoking. If it is too cautious to curb its development, this will be a mistake. E-cigarette is probably the safest thing you can get... Nicotine Not the killer of killing smokers, smoking e-cigarettes is as safe as drinking coffee. They contain water vapor, nicotine and propylene glycol."


4. Jean-François Ettel


Position: Professor of Public Health, University of Geneva, Switzerland, Distinguished Researcher in Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes


Dr. Jean-François Ettel said: "As long as they quit smoking, even long-term smoking of e-cigarettes is not a problem. The danger of smoking is the various toxic substances produced by the burning of tobacco, not nicotine. It is also used for vaporization or as a vaporization. Nicotine for smoking cessation gum is not toxic. Long-term smoking e-cigarettes should not be a public health problem, it is far less than long-term use of nicotine gum."


5. Professor Linn Kozlowski


Position: Former Dean of the School of Public Health and Medical Sciences, Toronto, Canada, Senior Scientist, Addiction Research Foundation


Professor Lynn Kozlowski said: "Smokers should try to replace cigarettes with e-cigarettes... Our goal is to quit smoking. As long as we need to use e-cigarettes forever, e-cigarettes are safer than cigarettes. We don't need clinical Verification means that a large stone is safer than a small stone falling on a person. Compared with cigarettes, the risk of electronic cigarettes is low. The toxic substances and types in electronic cigarettes are very few, and the electronic cigarettes do not cause open flames. Much less than traditional smoke."


6. Professor Robert West

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Position: Leading researcher in the UK on the topic of addictive substances


Professor Robert West said: "Our findings are that about 60% of people using e-cigarette substitution methods are no longer exposed to traditional cigarettes."


Finally, I conclude: "If we just give up the future of e-cigarettes for this reason, we really lose more people (because of the use of traditional cigarettes), and the disease and even death!"

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