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Evaporator Features
May 25, 2018

1. A metal round pot with an inside diameter of 200mm and a height of about 100mm.

2, the evaporator is a metal round structure, the inner wall should be smooth, the edge of the evaporator shall not have defects such as burrs or bumps.

3, all parts in contact with water should be smooth, its joint or joint welds should be tight, solid, there must be no leakage of water phenomenon.

4. The assembly of each zero and component of the evaporator should be correct, and there must be no loosening, deformation and other defects that affect its use.

5. The protective layer applied on the parts and components of the evaporator should be solid, uniform, smooth and free from defects such as delamination and rust.

6. The evaporator and the mounting frame should be easy to install and enable the evaporator not to be disconnected due to the influence of wind during normal use.

7. Accessories: one measuring cup, one water storage device, one mounting frame, one wire mesh cover (anti-bird water, users can choose).

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