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Evaporator Industrial Applications
May 25, 2018

Evaporation is the heating of a solution containing a non-volatile solute to a boiling state where part of the solvent is vaporized and removed, thereby increasing the unit operation of the solute concentration in the solvent. There are several types of evaporation applications in industrial production:

1. Concentrate the dilute solution to directly prepare the product or re-treat the concentrated solution (such as cooling and crystallization) to prepare solid products, such as the concentration of electrolytic caustic soda, the concentration of sugar solution, and the concentration of various fruit juices, etc.

2. Simultaneously condense the solution and recover the solvent, such as concentrated benzene removal of organophosphorus pesticide benzene solution, evaporation of alcoholic leachate from Chinese medicine production, etc.

3. In order to obtain a pure solvent, such as seawater desalination.

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