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Han Li, The Father Of E-cigarettes, Screams: Against Hong Kong's Proposal To Ban E-cigarettes!
Nov 25, 2018

Recently, Mr. Han Li, who is known as the father of e-cigarettes, has rarely heard about the proposal to ban e-cigarettes announced by Hong Kong. He hopes that the Hong Kong government will reconsider the proposal on a total ban on steam fumes, as this will affect the current adult steam. The lives of smokers and the lives of smokers who may consider switching to potentially less harmful products.


Han Li particularly emphasized the understanding of Hong Kong's cautious stance on steam smoke and the concern about the use of steam smoke by minors in the United States. However, the ban may be counterproductive, and evidence from countries including the United States and the United Kingdom suggests that pragmatic regulation of steam fumes can help accelerate the decline in adult smoking rates.

It is understood that Han Li is currently a research and development team consultant at Fontem Ventures, an international tobacco giant's Empire brand. The company recently submitted a piece of evidence to the Office of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong that steam fumes can help reduce the harm of tobacco and improve the smoking status of adults in Hong Kong. It is recommended that adults in Hong Kong can legally purchase steam products and should be given to adult smokers. The right to choose.


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