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IJOY Was ’forced To Accept The 300 Million RMB A Round Of Financing!
Oct 21, 2018

According to the information disclosed, IJOY has obtained RMB 300 million A round of financing from investors in April this year.


The funds are mainly used for the deepening of the globalization of IJOY e-cigarette products and the company's long-term strategic planning in the next 3-5 years, and said that the company's Pre-IPO has not been financing needs before!

Wang Yizhi, founder of IJOY brand, said: "Since last year, there have been many investment institutions that have found me. I was thinking about developing products and operating the company. I felt that the timing was not mature and I didn't care much about the capital market. I always have a The deep-rooted concept is that companies do not need to finance or go public without shortage of money!"

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 But for two reasons, Wang Xizhi was touched. Wang Xizhi said: "1. A friend from a brokerage company tells me that if you have a successful listing in the future, you will definitely have a major impact on the future. 2. Enterprises like Dajiang UAV are for the future. Long-term strategic considerations In 2015, A round of financing was 30 million US dollars. If you don't want to go public, you can learn from Dajiang to become an industry unicorn enterprise, and also play a better brand benefit than listed companies! In view of more than half a year of consideration, I have been in contact with some investors since the end of last year, and I have never taken the initiative to express the idea of financing!"

IJOY founder Wang Xizhi is so astounding that he considers himself to be a person who does not follow the common sense. Everything goes with nature, because investors are savvy people, they only invest in valuable founders and teams! I am being forced to accept financing!


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