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Latest! The Hong Kong Consumer Council Has Visited 20 Shopping Malls, And Half Of Them Have Electronic Cigarettes Or Smoking Tools!
Dec 18, 2018

According to the RTHK website, the Hong Kong Consumer Council has sent staff to five shopping malls in Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Mong Kok, Yau Ma Tei and Sham Shui Po in November to inspect 20 shopping malls which mainly sell trendy toys and found that some shops in some shopping malls have electronic cigarettes or Heating smoke smoking tool products are sold.

The Hong Kong Consumer Council is worried that more people will fall into the "sugar trap" of e-cigarettes.  


Some stores also have their own websites or social media, which is convenient for consumers to order online. The Hong Kong Consumer Council said that this sales model is more subtle and does not require placing a large number of products in the store, which constitutes an obstacle to the fight against the sale of electronic cigarettes and smoking bans.

According to the Hong Kong Consumer Council, more than 10% of the 44 shops in one of the smaller shopping malls sell such products. In the remaining nine shopping malls, the proportion of shops selling electronic cigarettes or heating tobacco smoking tools is about 0.5% to 5.7%.

Some clerk said that there are more and more complete e-cigarette materials on their websites. After consumers select the product model, they only need to call the store to order, and after the goods arrive, they can pay for the goods.

The Consumer Council of Hong Kong said that it is worried that more people will fall into the "sugar-coat trap" of e-cigarettes, which will increase and rejuvenate the smoking population. The SAR Government and the Legislative Council are urged to implement the legislation prohibiting e-cigarettes and heating fumes as soon as possible. Import, manufacture, sell, distribute and promote new smoking products.

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