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Recommendation For Inventory Of Five Innovative Thermal Element Atomizers
Dec 05, 2018


The heating element is the most important part of the atomizer, which plays the role of heating the atomized fume. For many DIY players, each hand will have a lot of different types of different materials of heating wire, used to make heating elements for the atomizer.

However, the conventional coil heating elements will feel a little boring after a long time. If you want to find some novelty in the atomizer's play and taste, then the following five atomizer products with innovative heating elements will be of great concern.

EMODE PRO nebulizer

Product features: independent research and development of NC heating plate, heating element service life is high, separate atomization core structure.

All along, the Oval design team has been making continuous research and breakthroughs in the design of electronic cigarette products, including the innovation of heating elements. EMODE PRO nebulizer is equipped with a NC heater developed by Oval. The whole heating element is a horizontal flat structure, and can be easily separated from oil cotton. This design makes the heating effect of the atomizing core more uniform, and at the same time, it is convenient for users to replace the cotton chips.


Product features: RDA with mesh heating elements, compatible with fancy coils, mesh without quenching.

In fact, nebulizer products that can use mesh have appeared very early, but they are all early mouth-suction nebulizers, and the manufacture of mesh core is very complicated, which requires quenching operation. With the advent of the Wanterford PROFILE atomizer, the dropping oil atomizer can also use the net as a heating element, and has a very excellent taste experience. And the fixing of the net is very simple, without hardening, even novice users can play with the heating elements of the net.

EMODE RFA nebulizer

Product features: Up to one million heating life, the reconstruction of atomization core only needs to replace cotton sheets, imported RFC heating sheets.

A rebuildable nebulizer does not need to replace heating elements, and it is not bad at all, which only EMODE RFA nebulizer can do. The service life of imported RFC heaters is amazing. Laboratory data can be used millions of times. RFC heating sheet not only has a very delicate taste performance, but also can be completed by heating and cleaning RFC heating sheet and replacing cotton sheet when the atomization core is reconstructed.


Direct insertion NOTCH COIL coil structure, compatible with fancy coil, compound air intake.

The emergence of NOTCH COIL coil has attracted great attention of electronic cigarette players. Recently, NOTCH COIL has been upgraded again, eliminating the pin structure and making it easier to use. NOTCH COIL dropping oil atomizer is a dropping oil atomizer which can match NOTCH COIL coil perfectly. It also has good compatibility for fancy coils. It has a variety of ways to match the composite air intake structure.

EVIC NH nebulizer

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