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Recommendation Of Five Kinds Of Bottom Oil Injection Equipment Inventory
Dec 05, 2018



Product Features: Various panel color matching options, lightweight fuselage, 80W power matching custom temperature control mode.

The purpose of the bottom oil injection equipment is to facilitate the easy use of oil dripping players when they go out, so the lightweight body design will absolutely win the favor of players. Single battery 80W is enough for users'daily use, and 20700 batteries can be used if higher endurance is needed. Customized temperature control mode allows players to choose more different nebulizers to use in addition to the bottom injection nebulizer.


Product features: ergonomic design, compatible with four types of batteries, with protection chips.

Not only has Wanterford made a worldwide impact in the field of electronic smoke nebulizers, but the user experience of its bottom oil injection equipment is also excellent. The butt-shaped fuselage has a great fit for the palm, and the depression in the key position is like pulling the trigger when pressing. Although it is impossible to adjust the output power, the host with its own protection chip can ensure the safety of the equipment. The compatibility of 21700 batteries makes the equipment have a strong endurance ability.


Product features: trapezoidal fuselage design, double batteries series connection scheme, mainframe firmware can be upgraded.

Although the single battery bottom oil injection device is portable, it still can not meet the needs of low resistance fancy coil enthusiasts for output. The main engine with dual 18650 series connection scheme has the highest output power of 155W, and even the fancy coil as low as 0.1 ohm can be easily driven. Although the width of the fuselage increases, it is good to use trapezoidal fuselage shape, which will not bring users great pressure when holding.


Product features: 180W strong output, small body, a variety of output modes, 0.96 inch screen.

From a positive perspective, the whole host is even smaller than some ordinary dual-battery hosts. The compact body design makes the whole host hold the hand without pressure. Dual batteries in series with 180W maximum output power and strong output capacity, all make smoke players fond of. A variety of output modes and large area of display screen can allow players to use with a variety of atomizers.


Product features: Super large ignition button, compatible with a variety of batteries, compact fuselage design, simple operation mode.

HCIGAR can be said to be one of the earliest domestic companies to develop bottom oil injection products. With mature technology, the size of the AURORA mainframe fuselage with 80W adjusting chip is still very compact. Large area of ignition button pressing feel is excellent, the three buttons below the screen cooperate with each other, whether in adjusting the value or mode switching can bring users a very easy operation experience.

At present, the bottom oil injection equipment has reached a high degree of technical maturity. Even the mainframe with protective chip or adjustable chip is very compact in size. If higher power output is required, the bottom oil injection equipment of the dual battery can also meet the needs of users. High capacity oil storage bottle is the standard matching of each bottom oil injection equipment. For the players of oil dropping nebulizer, choosing a bottom oil injection host can ensure the whole day's fume life.

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