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Study Smoking Cessation Behavior Among Dual Users Of Traditional Cigarettes And Electronic Cigarettes
Nov 30, 2018

A US study released last month at NCBI showed that dual users of e-cigarettes and cigarettes are more likely to try to quit than pure smokers.


The study, titled “Utilization of Tobacco Therapy in Dual Users of Cigarettes and Electronic Cigarettes,” measures the frequency with which participants have attempted to quit in the past year. In addition, the researchers analyzed dual-user and pure smokers using proven tobacco-dependent treatments, such as nicotine patches.

The researchers analyzed data from the 2015 National Health Survey and found that dual users are more likely to try to quit in the past year than pure smokers.


The study abstract reads, “In addition to adults over the age of 65, the dual-user combination (behavioral and pharmacological) treatment rate is low, and there is no data difference with pure smokers.” The researchers concluded: “Although dual users try to quit smoking The likelihood is higher, but the proportion of their use of tobacco treatment is very low, similar to pure smokers."

For many anti-smoking experts, these findings are not surprising, as previous studies have shown that smokers' preferred smoking cessation tool is e-cigarette. This is because the behavior of smoking e-cigarettes is very similar to that of smoking, and it is easier to help people who quit smoking from smoking to non-smokers.


E-cigarette is the preferred smoking cessation tool for smokers

A similar study based on the FDA-funded Tobacco and Health Population Assessment (PATH) was published last August. This special study aims to assess the effectiveness of e-cigarettes and drug adjuvants in quitting smoking.


“The results of the study indicate that e-cigarettes are a more popular option than approved pharmaceutical products, and more than three-quarters of daily smokers choose e-cigarettes as an aid to smoking cessation among US quitting smokers. In the future, with e-cigarettes The continuous development of products makes the delivery of nicotine more similar to the nicotine delivery of cigarettes. E-cigarettes may play a greater role in helping smokers quit," PATH researchers concluded.

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