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The First Cannabis Investment Forum Dry Goods Sharing
Nov 09, 2018


On November 1, the 2018 International Industrial Cannabis Investment Forum was grandly opened at W Hotel in Hong Kong. This is the first international high-level international event on industrial cannabis. The forum invited global industrial marijuana industry leaders and industry veterans, covering scientific research, medicine, finance, government policy, technological innovation, agriculture and entrepreneurial innovation, attracting from China, the United States, Canada, Germany. Nearly 200 people attended the conference in more than 10 countries including the United Kingdom and South Korea. CECMOL Cannabis Research Institute, together with Arcview Group (USA) and CannaTech (Israel), industry, research and research fund, with professionalism and dedication, received the unanimous appreciation of the participants. The forum brought a wonderful international perspective to all guests and played an indispensable role in promoting industrial cannabis.

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This forum, the leaders of the marijuana industry and industry investors presented us with exciting content. Sumit Mehta, CEO of MAZAKALI (a US company providing commercial support services for cannabis companies) and Suview Mehta, an analyst at Arcview Group, shared the theme "Investors' Insights on the Status of Industrial Cannabis International", which focuses on the current US State laws on cannabis, such as: law on medical cannabis, law on entertainment cannabis, CBD law, etc. Sumit said that their team's research shows that marijuana is the second fastest growing industry in the history of the United States after the Internet, and American demand for marijuana may be second only to Wi-Fi. At present, there are no less than 20,000 cannabis companies in operation in the United States. It is estimated that the output value of cannabis will reach 40 billion US dollars in 2021.

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Next, Michael Blady (co-founder of GTEC Holdings Ltd.), Tahira Rehmatulla (CFO of MTech Acquisition Corp), and a three-person panel of Saul Kaye (founder and president of iCAN israel cannabis) shared industry mainstream trends. And future development. The subsequent discussion group shared the “China Role in the Global Cannabis Market”. The invited guests were Glenn Davies (CannAcubed Co-founder, Group President) and Philip Gu (Stemcell United Limited Founder and President). Mr. Glenn said that CannAcubed's current partners in China include: China Health Industry Fund (CHIC), HF Hemp, Tencent, SCU (Stemcell United), ELION and so on. Due to China's abundant resources, CannAcubed plans to develop the world's first Xishuangbanna Environmental Industrial Cannabis Ecological Park in China in the next 2-3 years. High-tech research facilities are used to develop cannabis to solve the world's most pressing diseases. Issues related to waste, energy and the environment, such as new materials factories, CBD processing plants, cannabis research and education institutions, seed banks, ecological foods, etc. The ultimate goal is to create a legal, safe, sustainable and professional cannabis industry that spreads throughout China and the world. Mr. Philip of SCU Company shared his many years of research results and analyzed the relationship between cannabis and China, plant stem cell technology and marijuana, and also mentioned that the hometown of marijuana is Central Asia and China.

 During the coffee break, the participating guests also exchanged ideas and shared their ideas. After the coffee break, Mr. Brain, a partner of Arcview Group, gave us a wonderful speech on “Investment Opportunities”. Mr. Brain discussed the inefficiency and gap of the financing market, the opportunity of the United States, how to invest in American cannabis companies to achieve excess returns. And the focus has been shared on the huge development space of medical marijuana. Subsequently, Dr. Jeffrey Chen (founder of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative) gave us a speech on “Cannabis as a modern science of medicine”. Dr. Chen has received several cannabis patents and is a senior researcher in the field of cancer. In the speech, Dr. Chen vividly showed the source of the Chinese word "Ma", and then talked about the history of marijuana and human beings; and based on his years of scientific research and investigation, he analyzed whether marijuana is harmful or not. Whether it ranks first in the matter, it also shares the potential medical effects of cannabis.

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In the afternoon, Mr. Yan Xiaotian, a senior consultant of the URI Fund, introduced the advantages of the industry-university research fund team, analyzed the investment fields of industry, academia and research in recent years, focused on investing in the air water industry, and said that we are studying in the water industry. Several technologies that can be applied to the cannabis industry have been discovered. Based on the results of the current related technologies, our industry-university research fund will deepen the cannabis industry in the future, providing not only financial support for the target companies, but also technical support.

The presentation by Chris Bolton (CEO of TheraCann) was “The Importance of the Cannabis Value Chain,” and Mr. Chris stated that to establish a legal and stable international cannabis industry, regulatory requirements must first be made to provide opportunities for customers and suppliers. In the future, after legalization of marijuana in more countries and regions, it is necessary to establish a complete service supply chain, which will combine planting, harvesting, processing, extraction, research, sales, technical support, environmental protection and recycling, and harvest at the least cost. The greatest benefit. Dave Pryce (Canopy Growth International Market Development, Vice President, Global Government Relations) shared a keynote speech on “Global Policy and Institutional Trends”. Canopy Growth is the world's largest industrial marijuana company. Dave is ready to bring the company into new markets, expand its business scope and promote its rapid global expansion. Among them, the marijuana “gas culture method” he mentioned has deeply attracted guests here. .

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