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The Global Heating And Burning Summit Forum Will Be Held. What Information Will Be Provided By The National Tobacco Bureau Expert Library Experts?!
Nov 14, 2018


Based on the development of new global tobacco technologies in recent years, especially the continuous development of heating and non-combustion related products and technologies, more than one billion smokers around the world have seen better and healthier new ways of smoking.

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In order to better promote the development of relevant technologies in various countries, exchanges and cooperation, promote the continuous upgrading of industrial technology and iterative, break the barriers, invite relevant global market, research and development, technology, management and procurement to gather together and explore together to seek a healthier and better industry. future.

Time: December 07, 2018 13:30 - 17:30

Venue: Conference Room N1, Shanghai New International Expo Center

Organizational unit: UBM Creative Exhibition

Hot topics:

1. Analysis of the latest global policies and regulations and application market

2, the latest heating technology and chip applications

3. Discussion on the latest innovation technology and development application of heating cigarettes

4. About the appearance and structure of the application equipment and the upgrading of new materials and more possibilities


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