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The Top 20 E-cigarette Companies In The US Account For 98% Of The Market Share
Nov 30, 2018

According to statistics released by Wells Fargo Wells Fargo, the US e-cigarette type of e-cigarette market is gradually becoming centralized. By September 2018, the top 20 e-cigarette companies had a 98% market share.

Juul Pod

Blu, Imperial Tobacco

7. Juul Labs, Inc.; - The famous JUUL

8. Kretek International Inc.;

9.Logic Technology Development, LLC/Japan Tobacco; —— Logic, Japan Tobacco

10. Magellan Technology Inc.;

11. Myle Vape Inc.;

12. Phillip Morris International Inc. (MarkTen); —— MarkTen, Philip Morris

13. Reynolds American Inc./British American Tobacco (Vuse); —— Vuse, Renault/British American

14. Sutra Vape;

15. SV3 LLC;

16. Vertigo Vapor LLC;

17. VGOD Inc.;

18. VMR Products LLC;

19. Xfire Inc.;

20. ZLab S.A.

There are many familiar companies on the list, such as JUUL, which is currently the No. 1 in the US e-cigarette market, Blu from Imperial Tobacco, and Logic from Japan Tobacco. Philip Morris' MarkTen did not perform well at the beginning of the launch, but with the strong channel strength of the parent company, it also has a place. Renault / British American Tobacco's e-cigarette brand Vuse is the main high-end. Boulder International firmly holds the market share of the Midwest and has recently begun to work in China.

This is the case in the US domestic market and does not include other countries. The data is only for electronic cigarettes that use smoke oil. Heating without iQOS does not burn tobacco

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