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The UAE Intends To Open Up New Tobacco Markets And Legalize E-cigarettes
Oct 24, 2018


Last month, the United Arab Emirates sent a good news about e-cigarettes, and the country’s national report stated that “the UAE is actively considering the legalization of e-cigarette equipment and the use of e-cigarettes”!

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This is a very good news for the smokers in the country, which eventually opened a door away from the deadly tobacco hazards and made e-cigarettes and heating non-combustion equipment a substitute for traditional tobacco.

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Although the legalization process may be subject to many twists and turns and is oppressed by opposition forces, if the focus is on harm reduction and tobacco product addiction, then the rational political party that actually pays attention to public health may support the UAE government’s legal e-cigarette. And believe that the action is to achieve a healthier, brighter smokeless future for the people.

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Whether the e-cigarettes in the UAE will be legal in the short term, from an objective point of view, this news is a good start for new tobacco users and operators.

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