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This E-cigarette Crime Process, Very Odd!
Oct 30, 2018


The British media recently reported a case of e-cigarette robbery in Belgium. The entire robbery process was quite strange.

ecig crime

At that time, the situation was like this. At about three o'clock on the afternoon of October 20, six gunmen looted into an electronic cigarette shop called Didier, a boss in Charleroi, Belgium.

 In the face of six gunmen and robbers, the e-cigarette store owner was in a state of chaos, and in the case of a weak situation, he and the robbers put together IQ, saying that young man, you are new here, "Now it is only afternoon. Three o'clock, this time has not been opened, it is the coldest time of business. At this time, you are looking for me to rob. I can only get $1,000 at best, but if you wait until around 6:30 in the afternoon, I will come back when I fight. It’s the harvest time, it’s not 1,000 dollars in this area.”


      Perhaps Didier was too calm and the performance was too realistic. The robbers actually believed it, and listened to his words, and then left the electronic cigarette shop.

 After the robbers left, Didi Erima immediately called the police. Didier told the police the whole thing and asked the police to be present at 6:30. "This group of policemen feel that my mind is sick." Didier grievances said.


      However, at 5:30 in the afternoon, the robbers suddenly returned to the e-cigarette store and asked Di Diede to "deliver the promise". At this time, Didier once again showed amazing performance ability. He once again forced to calm down. .


      He shouted at the robbers. "Do you still have a little time concept? Is there any professional ethics? Say it is robbed at 6:30 on time, how come back at 5:30, do you need me to buy a watch for you? ?"


 When I heard Didier’s reprimand, the robbers consciously “defeved” and left the e-cigarette shop again.


      An hour later, the time to witness the miracle arrived. The robbers returned to the e-cigarette store again, and at this time they were waiting for not only the "Imperial Emperor" Didier, but also the Belgian police who disguised themselves in the store. However, at this moment of the arrest, the Belgian police still caught only five of the six robbers, one of whom fled the crime scene.

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