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Tmall Double Eleven Again Against The Sky! 1 Hour And 47 Minutes Broke Through 100 Billion Faster Than Last Year!
Nov 12, 2018

It is worth noting that this year's Tmall double 11 started 35 minutes and 17 seconds, the total turnover has reached 57.1 billion yuan, surpassing the 2014 full-day turnover. 35 minutes and 17 seconds to refresh the last year's time record, 2017 Tmall double 11 total sales reached 57.1 billion with 1 hour 00 minutes and 49 seconds.

Tmall double eleven

This series of records was broken in the early hours of the morning:

21 seconds to break 1 billion, 7 seconds faster than last year;

Tmall Double eleven

2 minutes and 05 seconds broke through 10 billion, nearly one minute faster than last year;

4 minutes and 20 seconds to break through 19.1 billion, surpassing the 2012 full-day turnover, 1 minute and a half faster than last year;

The turnover in the previous hour was about 10 billion yuan more than last year...

Tmall double eleven

The reporter saw at the scene of the Tmall Double 11 event that the Shanghai World Expo Center was brightly lit at this time. The annual Tmall Double 11 Party was passionately staged, and the turnover figures on the electronic display continued to jump... The global 180,000 brands have been assembled. At the end of the day, the atmosphere of more than 400 cities nationwide has been heating up, and the 3 million logistics employees of the rookie intelligent logistics backbone network are ready to go


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