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US E-cigarette Giant Juul Is Forced To Close Facebook And Ins Accounts
Nov 14, 2018


To limit the purchase of minors, US e-cigarette giant Juul recently responded to concerns expressed by FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and issued several measures to limit the purchase of e-cigarettes for minors, including closing their social media accounts.

  Juul said it will close its Facebook and Instagram accounts in the US, while only using its Twitter account for non-promotional communications. In addition, Juul's YouTube account has been restricted to prohibit viewing by users under the age of 21, and the account is used to promote the smokers. The company also said that the Juul brand has never appeared on Snapchat.

 Juul also promised to monitor and remove inappropriate information from third-party accounts and said that he has already turned to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat for help.


      Juul CEO Kevin Burns pointed out that "more than 99% of the social media content related to Juul Labs is generated by third-party users and accounts that are not affiliated with our company."


      He added, "We require each platform to ban any content that lures underage users to use cigarettes or e-cigarettes. The problem of combating the negative impact of social media on minors is greater than simply deleting Juul Labs social media accounts, and only Solved by the help of these professional media. The fight against the use of e-cigarettes by minors requires the efforts of both of us, and we are eager to work with these social platforms to solve these problems."

Juul Labs also revealed that it will no longer accept orders from more than 90,000 retail stores that include mango, fruit, cream and cucumber-flavored e-cigarettes, alleging that these stores refer to Gottlieb. Taste plays an important role in the flood of young people's electronic cigarettes. It is a sensitive existence and may therefore have a greater temptation for young people.


      These special flavors of e-cigarettes are now only available for purchase through Juul's official website requires customers to provide the last four digits of their name, date of birth, permanent address and social security number, verify the information with a third party and cross-reference public records to ensure that the client is at least 21 years of age.

 In addition, the number of online customers will be limited. Only two devices and 15 cartridges will be purchased each month, and 10 devices will be purchased each year to prevent people from reselling the products to minors. Juul said it will provide additional protection before the end of the year, such as double-digitity by phone number and the requirement to enter real-time photos.


In addition, Burns also said that the company will increase the supervision of individual retailers, increasing the number of hidden monitoring shoppers from 500 to 2,000 per month, and checking whether local retail stores are illegally sold to ensure that retailers comply with them. Standards and continue to take steps on platforms that violate their terms of service and sell their products.

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