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Pre Heating CBD 650mAh Battery

Features: 650mah batter, 3 kinds of voltage changes...

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Pre heating CBD 650Mah Battery

black silver red blue cbd vape battery custom logo vertex battery 650mah 510 thread button battery


Cbd Oil Pen Specification

Module Name

 Vertex Cbd Vape Battery



Battery Capacity



 510 Thread

Variable Voltage



 Black, SS, White, Blue, Red


 510 Thread


Cbd Oil Pen Features

1.Designed for CBD/CO2 oil vaping.

2. 350mah with preheat system

3. Adjustable voltage: Green=2.6V/Blue=3.3V/Red=4.0

4. Elegent Blister Card Package

5. Silm and portable 

6.Colorful: Black, Silver, White, Blue, Red available



1.Where can I use an electronic cigarette?

The laws regarding where e-cigarettes can be legally used vary from place to place. Typically, if you can legally smoke in an area, you can also vape there. In some places, smoking bans may also include electronic cigarettes, while in others you’re free to vape anywhere unless a private business posts signage telling you not to vape.

2.How do I start the process of picking out an electronic cigarette?

There are so many different kinds of e-cigarettes on the market today that it can seem overwhelming to try and determine which one is right for you. Read on for more tips and options to consider.

3.What's the difference between conduction and convection?

Conduction refers to heating herbs by direct contact, whereas convection refers to heating them with a flow of hot air.

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