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Evolve Plus Coils Replacement

Features: Dual quartz coil replacement...

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Evolve Plus Coils Replacement

Yocan Evolve Plus NYX Pandon Torch Cerum Replacement Coils

Yocan evolve plus replacement coils

-Quarts dual coil/Ceramic donut coil

-Best performance for wax

Quarts and Ceramic are not the same price

-5 pcs per pack, Selling by pcs





1.What’s the difference between a low power and a high power battery?

Lower battery power means the coil in the atomizer doesn’t get as hot. The coil heats the e-liquid and turns it into vapor. A cooler coil means less vapor is produced, and because of this also less flavor.

2.How much does vaping cost?

Starter kits cost from $30-$100. E-liquid is $10 – $15 for 15ml. 15ml will last about as long as a carton of cigarettes.

3.I am looking for CBD-rich strains. Do you sell clones, seeds, or mother plants?

We do not. Project CBD is an educational news service. We review and report on  CBD-rich products, but we don’t sell them. Seed companies, clone-providers, product-makers, and dispensaries affiliated with

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