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Wax and CBD MOD Vaporizers

Wax and CBD MOD Vaporizers

LED CBD Cartridges, 2 in 1 for wax, cbd and ejuice, voltage setting, pre-heating...

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MEWEVAPE MEXX 2 IN 1 Vaporizer for Wax and CBD And ejuice(nicoltin salt)

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Name Mexx--2 in 1 Vaporizers for wax , CBD &ejuice
Product Brand MEWEVAPE
Material Metal
Used for   Wax , CBD and Ejuice(nicoltine salt)
Size  59*40*20mm
Thread Magnetic
Battery capacity 650mah
Set Weight 120g



  • LED CBD cartridges

  • two atomizers: CBD atomizer and quartz coil atomizer

  • for wax, cbd and ejuice.

  • Three Voltages setting

  • Magnetic connection to battery.

  • Universal adapter to all 510 threading CBD Tanks

  • Over heated protection 

  • 650mah battery



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How do I store MEWEVAPE electronic cigarettes?


Keep out of reach of children and pets for reasons of safety.


The battery should be stored in the MEWEVAPE box provided or in the optional hard case, away from sources of heat and direct sunlight when not in use. If you are not a regular user or only plan on using the MEWEVAPE E-Cig occasionally then always make sure you charge the battery fully before storing. The battery should always be recharged when depleted.


Cartomizer refills are not intended to be stored for a prolonged period of time in a domestic environment and are best consumed within one month of purchasing. Refills should be stored out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat and humidity, preferably in a cool, dark cupboard or drawer. Refills are sealed with an outer wrapper to preserve their freshness, but refill contents will start to degrade and evaporate in a domestic environment.


MEWEVAPE have special storage facilities to preserve the integrity of ingredients. Consumable products are only transferred to our central distribution centre when new stock is required. Our storage and production process assures only goods in peak condition are received by customers.






How do I quit smoking?

Every quit smoking journey is different but there are some simple ways to find your motivation. Watch the video to the right for some quit-smoking tips.




What’s the difference between a vaporizer and a bong or water pipe?

In a bong the herb (usually cannabis) is burnt, which then gives off smoke. The smoke is then filtered somewhat by passing through water before it is inhaled. But even after passing through the water, it’s still smoke, filled with tars and toxic gasses. A vaporizer doesn’t really need a water filter, as it doesn’t produce smoke in the first place. Filtering either smoke or vapor with cold water may not be such a good idea anyway, for as the MAPS/NORML study showed, the water will also filter out the active components of the herb (like THC), requiring one to smoke or vaporize more.




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