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Stick X8 Vape Pen

Features: 3000mAh battery, TFV8 X-baby tank, Top Refill System, Adjustable Airflow System, COBRA DRIP TIP, low voltage protection, short circuit protection, 8 seconds cut-off, Intelligent LED Indicator, Exquisite Appearance...

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Stick X8 Vape Pen

Hottest E Cigarette SMOK Stick X8 Kit e cig 2ml / 4ml 3000mAh Vape Pen Style SMOK V8 Kit e Cigarette in Stock

Two kinds edition for different market. Please tell us which market you want to sell before you purchase.




Adjustable top airflow system.

TFV8 tank brings you an extremely open draw. Airflow can be adjusted by turning the airflow control ring at the top of the tank.

There are 5 kinds of coils for your option. Which can meet all the different needs.


Top refill design. Easy to fill.


 1. Are all whips compatible with any vaporizer?

No. Most vaporizers utilize a 18mm ground glass connection. However, there are a few (like the Vapor Brothers) that utilize a different size connection.

2.What should I expect the first time I vape?

People that are only used to smoking herbal remedies or utilizing essential oils through aromatherapy may be a little bit nervous the first time they use a vaporizer. That's okay! But it really isn't as complicated as you might fear. No matter the vaporizer you use, you shouldn't hear any sound when it is active. Desktop vaporizers with a balloon attachment will make a slight noise as the fan fills the balloon with vapor, but that's really all. As far as inhaling the vapor, it should be smooth and easy.

If the vapor feels harsh, or makes you cough, you're probably vaporizing at too high a temperature. When you exhale you will smell a slight odor, but it won't be anything like what you experience with smoking. It will be very light, and resemble something like popcorn that's a little bit burnt.

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