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Evolve Plus XL 1400mAh Wax Pen

Features: Yocan Evolve Plus XL, Magnetic Cap, QUAD quartz(Four Quartz Coil), 1400mah battery, Airflow control, USB charging, Hanging ring, built-in silicon jar...

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Evolve Plus XL 1400Mah Wax Pen


Yocan evovle plus XL Vaporizer is the latest innovative big power wax pen. Big battery 1400mah and especially 4 quartz coil, big smoke taste. Lot of vape, lot of fun.


Four quartz coil with screwed cap and airflow.


5pcs /pack coils for replacement.


Built-in wax jar, you can put two kinds of wax in one jar.


5 colors for your choice.  Black, gold, silver, white and rose gold.



1.Is vaporization as effective as smoking?

Yes. In fact, properly generated vapor is more effective the aromas in the smoke created when an aromatic plant is burned. Burning plant material creates toxic by-products that degrade the aromatic quality. You would need to inhale more smoke to get the same effect of inhaling a smaller amount of vapor. In addition, your vaporizer is a great flavor-delivery system for all sorts of herbs. When you smoke, most flavor is clouded by tar and other obtrusive elements created by combustion of the plant.

2. Are the herb disks re-useable? How long do they last?
Yes, the discs are re-useable. How long they last depends on your usage and how often you clean them. When properly cared for, and cleaned after each usage, your disks may last indefinitely.

3. How often should I clean my pen?

This is dependent on usage, but proper cleaning of the pen adds to the life and efficiency of your pen.

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