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Evolve Plus XL Vape Pen KIT

Features: Yocan Evolve Plus XL, Magnetic Cap, QUAD quartz(Four Quartz Coil), 1400mah battery, Airflow control, USB charging, Hanging ring, built-in silicon jar...

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Evolve Plus XL Vape Pen Kit


Yocan evovle plus XL Vaporizer, the best vaporizer pen for wax with built in wax container and 1400mah battery. Detachable hanging ring and lanyard.


Magnetic connection between cap and adaptor, all metal, easy to cooling.  It is an evolution forward in vaping, improving all the ways that a vaproizer is used everyday.

There are all the necessary parts you need in vaping. Even we have built-in silicon jar. You can bring wax with the pen, very easy in travalling.

The QUAD technolgoy

4 quartz coil, the latest wax vape technogloy. That made for giant clouds and hits, perfect for cloud chasers which is hard to come by. There is an extra in the pacakge, and 5pcs /pack, also hot selling.

This is one full set content. There are 5 colors for your choice.


1 .What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device which heats up dried herbs to a temperature at which they release their (medically) active components into an aromatic vapor. This vapor doesn’t contain any of the toxic elements found in smoke.

2. Can you reuse herbs or tobacco once it's been vaporized?

Yes. Depending on the aromatic plant material, you may be able to vaporize the plant material multiple times to vaporizer any remaining active ingredients. The number of times a compound can be run through depend on the temperature at which you are vaporizing and the make-up of the compound. Some substances can be run through the vaporizer 3, even 4, times. This efficiency saves you money. In the long run, vaporizers pay for themselves!

3. What’s the difference between conduction and convection?

Conduction refers to heating herbs by direct contact, whereas convection refers to heating them with a flow of hot air.  

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