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MEE Portable Wax Pen 650mAh

MEE Portable Wax Pen 650mAh

Features: Glass Tube mouthpiece, Variable Voltage setting, Quartz Dual Coils,510 threading connecting, 650mah battery, built-in wax container...

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MEE Portable Wax Pen 650mah

Mewevape highly recommend the new Wax Pen—MEE, it is a  variable voltage setting and portable pen for wax with dual quartz coil and built in wax jar. 650mah battery.


IP6 Mini


D14mm * L140mm


Black/ Blue/ White/ Red/ Pink


High rate 13450 battery

Fast Heating

3s start vaping

Working time

20s/ round



Packing list

IP6 Mini * 1

Ceramic heating coil * 1
USB charging cable * 1
Extra clear glass tank cover * 1
Silicone ring * 1


It is 510 threading for coil and battery. The glass tube mouthpiece cool the smoke and it will never burn your lips.

Built-in wax container at the bottom of the wax pen. You can store a lot of additional wax in it and take anywhere you travel.  


Dual quartz coil, ceramic chamber. There are additional dual quartz coils for selling, 5pcs/pack.


Easy to charge, usb charging. Fashionable design, 5 colors available. Black/ Blue/ White/ Red/ Pink


1.Is vaporizing really that much healthier than smoking?

Yes, there is no doubt about that. We believe that with the advent of the vaporizer, smoking will soon be a thing of the past. 

2.What is the capacity of the herb disks?
The herb discs hold 1-3 grams, depending on the density of your material. We do not recommend extremely tight packing of your herb, as air-flow is essential to proper vaporization.

3.How do I know when the material in the herb disk is done?
The herbs will look lightly brown depending on the materials. Re-fill with fresh material when the flavor completely subsides.

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